You Win I Lose - Supertramp cover

The band Supertramp was impactful enough to have a species named after them. Thankfully they were also impactful enough to be known even as far as my small village in Germany. The band name alone resonated with me. Having been born with an innate restlessness, I would have loved to be a super-tramp. But all I could do about it, was read Kerouac’s “On The Road” and listen to too much rock music. I was thrilled that they reunited in the 90s, and the year “You Win I Lose” was in the charts I was drafting chapter after restless chapter of a novel I never finished, which starred a violinist called Lorca (named after the poet…). At the time I was going for a rhythmical, stream of consciousness style and I didn’t use any capitals. Because accessibility is overrated 😅.