Breaking News (Original)

This song is a very difficult one to sing - It makes people feel uncomfortable - and so it should. 

I wrote it for people like me, who suddenly found themselves not citizens anymore, but unwelcome guests. Tolerated solely on…


I'm Different (Randy Newman cover)

I'm taking a break from being serious this week. And what could be better for that than a Randy Newman song? Both serious and hilarious, one can spend hours getting lost in his universe of wacky perspectives and unreliable narrators.


My Best Was Never Good Enough (Bruce Springsteen cover)

This is the final song from Bruce Springsteen's album "The Ghost of Tom Joad." Don't know why I picked this song, when it appears to be the odd one out on an album that otherwise seems to have a storytelling…


LA Song (Beth Hart cover)

Here's another song from my list of requests and suggestions. I haven't been able to travel over the past year and a half, or quench my innate restlessness in any other way, but creating these videos is a bit like…


Where's The Orchestra (Billy Joel cover)

This is probably one of my favourite songs. (The album it's on, The Nylon Curtain, is generally pretty noteworthy.)

Although roughly 20 years must have passed since I last listened to this song (and I remember doing it excessively), I…


Cry Baby Cry (Beatles cover)

I asked my friends on Facebook for song suggestions, and this was one of them.

I always liked the White Album. Although John Lennon later dismissed "Cry Baby Cry" as "rubbish", it has its weird charm. Reminiscent of both nursery…


The Deck Chairs of The Titanic (original song)

I wrote this a few weeks ago ( -"Another sea-themed song or video, seriously?" I sigh as I write this -) and so far it's one of my favourite songs I wrote this year.

I've since been informed that, according…


New Morning (Nick Cave cover)

Nick Cave isn't exactly known for his cheery tunes - but among all the weird dark stuff, he's got some tremendously hopeful songs. New Morning is one of them.

I first came across Nick Cave when my brother excitedly brought…


White Noize (Bonaparte cover)

I can't think of many songs that describe as accurately what living in the UK feels like to me, as this song by the Swiss electropunk band Bonaparte.

I can't think why that is, considering they're based in Berlin, but…


The Space Between (Original song)

It's been raining all morning, which makes it a a good time to post a rainy day song.

It's fresh from my writing desk, and, surprisingly, my insane attempt to get this video done succeeded.

When I started making these…


The Door (original)

Last year, when I moved into my place after having had my things in storage for a while, I fell victim to leafing through long lost books and notebooks as I was putting them away.

In one notebook, among mostly…