Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) cover

So the week I've scheduled to post this cover, there's abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson coming to light. Since he can claim a widely known cover version of this song, I feel I don't want to post this without distancing myself. Having experienced abuse myself, I find it a sensitive topic and seriously considered posting something else instead. I decided against it, however, since me choosing to cover this song had nothing to do with the Marilyn Manson version anyway. 

What I was trying to go for was more in line with what Annie Lennox said the song was about - the sense of hopelessness and the sinking feeling that the dreams you are chasing will always just be dreams. This song called out to me, because I feel we have to navigate a world in which things around us are constantly breaking. You look around, you assess the damage, you try and adjust the course. Try and keep going regardless. 

This notion is one of the things at the very heart of my identity as an artist. Maybe the pandemic evoked the song for me. Especially, since, as a performer, the feeling of falling debris and demolition dust settling in my lungs feels particularly acute. 

But fortunately I've learned to roll with the punches.

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