Sweet Louisiana Sound (Billy Pilgrim cover)

This is probably every escape artist's anthem. Billy Pilgrim were a folk rock duo, and "Sweet Louisiana Sound" is the opening track of their 1995 album "Bloom". I probably discovered it by reading the album reviews in magazines. (I always had a dislike to what was being played on the radio.) I would buy albums without ever having heard a single note beforehand, and got quite adept at tracking down gems. This definitely was one of them. Admittedly my decision making was probably influenced by the name - Billy Pilgrim is the time travelling hero in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five.

The album didn't allow me to time travel, but I felt each song as vividly, as if I was in it - that's plenty of reason for me to declare it a great album.

Sorry about me looking like a ghost on Beale Street - no amount of makeup or colour grading could hide the fact that I was ill that day. I almost didn't post this, as I also felt my voice was compromised, but I've committed to posting a weekly video, come hell or high water.

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