Take A Pebble (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)

“Disturbing the waters of our lives.” What a great line. 

We probably spend most of our lives desperately trying to fend off things and people that would do so. Hell, no, please don’t make any ripples. Because, irrespective of how unhappy we might actually be with our life, we don’t want change. There’s way too much of it happening all the time anyway. So, don’t even think about it. 

But, unavoidably, ripples are being made. Daring someone to actually throw that pebble elicits a shocked gasp for air. Likewise, it’s way safer not to throw that pebble. You could throw it and run, but that would be defeating the purpose of the challenge.

Anyway, I made this cover in response to a request to play something by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, and I hope I managed to make it a fraction as trippy as the original.