When You Lose Someone So Young (John Miles cover)

I discovered John Miles by browsing my brother’s cd collection, but never ventured much beyond “Music’. John Miles stared at me from a strange and vintage looking cover, in James Dean’s iconic pose, not quite convincingly embodying the album’s title, “Rebel”. I did borrow it however at some stage, with the genuine intention to work my way through the somewhat clunky, over the top 70s songs.

I’m embarrassed to say I never returned it in about 20 years, and a few years ago, when I needed something to listen to on an 8 hour drive, I picked up “Rebel”. (Yes, my car is still of the pre-bluetooth generation.) “When You Lose Someone So Young” took me by surprise. I ended up listening to just this one song for several hours, crying every time, without fail.

No, nothing takes away the pain, and you’ll never be the same, but somehow it feels really good to cry.