Not Slowing Down

For some the world has actually slowed down since the lockdown. 
For me, as a creative, trying to keep my head above water, it's accelerated. 

I see the world whizzing past, and try not to pay attention to all the noise and the facts that the road underneath me keeps changing, and I'm not wearing a crash helmet. I keep my foot on the gas while I speed along without a map, changing course frequently to avoid crashing into unexpected objects. I 'm only scared though, if I think I've got to know what I'm doing, and that I've got to get things right first time. 

But there's no getting things right first time. You try something, and it might not work. You fail, you make adjustments, you fail a little better. 
Maybe I'm hooked on the adrenaline, but I get up each day, with the potential to exuberantly crash; and the challenge is to keep my eyes firmly on where I want to go; and to only look back at the wreckage to figure out a better way, one that works. 

And if you all see me crashing, may it be fun and spectacular to watch.

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