You Win I Lose - Supertramp cover

The band Supertramp was impactful enough to have a species named after them. Thankfully they were also impactful enough to be known even as far as my small village in Germany. The band name alone resonated with me. Having been…


Everything For Free (K's Choice cover)

I have no idea how I stumbled upon K’s Choice, but fact is that their songs float to the surface when I think of my last year before I came to the UK.

There's a huge pile of memories sitting…


We're Gonna Make It (Little Milton cover)


I hadn't thought of "We're Gonna Make It" by Little Milton in what must be decades - until a few weeks ago. Things seemed to look very bleak, so I reached down into the farthest corners of my mind for…


Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) cover

So the week I've scheduled to post this cover, there's abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson coming to light. Since he can claim a widely known cover version of this song, I feel I don't want to post this without distancing…


Coming Back To You (Leonard Cohen Cover)

When I was about 20 I applied to the exclusive German Institute for Literature with a very pretentious essay, trying to convince of Leonard Cohen's (and Bob Dylan's) Nobel Prize worthiness.

I felt like a heretic, and never knew if…