Digging Up the Past

I like researching for the songs I write. Recently this included reading the journals I wrote when I was in my early 20s. It’s not a very uplifting read, I’ve got to admit. It’s strange - you write something down and the passage of time becomes irrelevant. As soon as you read those lines you’re back there again. Like timetravel. 

I’m always surprised about how some utterly important things didn’t get the slightlest mention in my journals, but other things I took the trouble to record in great detail. Some of these things are quite heartbreaking to read, others make me laugh. Like the description of me being asked to play at a party but being aware of being too drunk to even tune my guitar. My surprise and delight at striking all the right chords in the right order are priceless. (Miracalously, it was still extremely well received…) 

I’ve never written songs specifically for an album before, but this time it looks like that’s what I’m doing. They’re not all set in the past, and not all about me, but so far I can say, they are probably the most honest tunes I’ve ever written.

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