Catch Me If You Can


So far, this year I found myself spending not much time being a musician, but most of my time being an actor instead. 
Much as I miss music, it’s utterly unsettling and therefore exciting to do something new. I don’t know why, but I get bored so easily - I can’t ever see myself settling into a routine, or getting good at something and being content with that. 
I like getting to wear the white belt. I like learning new things. I like challenges. I like the feeling of achievement, too - but what do you do when you’ve reached a reasonable standard at something? Sure, there’s always more to learn, but it’s not the same as stepping totally out of your comfort zone. I always think of myself a little bit like the conman in the Spielberg movie ‘“Catch Me If You Can” - I like waking up, thinking, “What’s next? What am I doing today- and … can I get away with it?” 
I promise you, though, I won’t attempt surgery on you or flying you to your holiday destination. I’m happy enough getting to be different people on stage and screen.

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