Ghost Story: The Girl in White

“Really, you’re the most ill-mannered and clumsy child possible! Why can’t you be a lady!” I look down at the soup splattered tablecloth and my spoiled Sunday dress, at the spoon I dropped when I saw the apparition. I want…



I've had the pleasure of finally upgrading my laptop, and with it, my editing software. It made me think back to when I first started making videos for YouTube - back when I had nothing much to work with. I…


What I Lost When I Lost my Words

There's years between me and the time I felt I still had the words to be a writer. 

I always felt, that when I left my country for the UK, I had to leave so much more behind at the…


Starting Messy

"Why do words fail me? I'm a writer. Why can't I write a few simple lines to update my website?" I took it down for maintenance, and the way things were going it was likely to stay down for good.